DS Multiplying?

NITLE held a videoconference yesterday on “Digital Scholarship at Liberal Arts Colleges” yesterday via WebEx.  There’s a recording of the proceedings available now.  The presenters were mostly from LACs and several were directors of Centers or other institutional departments oriented toward campus- and curriculum-wide digital networked media production (the focus for the videoconference was of course digital scholarship).

What I found striking was that at least two of the six presenters specifically mentioned DS as a tool their faculty are using to engage students with scholarly questions in different ways: Patrick Rashleigh(@prashleigh) at Wheaton reference DS and study abroad as well as DS as an early tool to help students focus their interests on their way to longer traditional papers; Rob Nelson (@rob___nelson) at the University of Richmond mentioned their DS program run by Ken Warren (@kennethwjr, who several of us just met and were impressed by in our Google Hangout earlier in the week).

With so many people picking up DS and using it in their own situated contexts, we are likely to see more and more innovative uses bubble up.  As I’ve said before, DS is a remarkably flexible set of tools and practices for communicating today, and the variations we’re seeing are direct evidence of that.  This multiplication of practitioners is a good thing — it helps us all grow and deepen our understanding of DS.



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